Achieve better efficiencies through supplier collaboration

Cost savings and process efficiency are an important part of any supplier management scorecard, but they don’t need to be imposed on suppliers. Research shows that collaboration drives better results in less time without compromising the relationship. Vizibl gives you a single, scalable platform to streamline supplier operations and drive collaboration on efficiency initiatives without the need for extra hires.

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Optimise process and cost


Reduction in sourcing costs through collaboration including joint end-to-end process and flow optimisation.


Improvement in supplier performance with consistent and formalised supplier performance procedures.


Reduction in cost of goods sold by leaders in supplier collaboration.


Rio Tinto reduced costs through collaboration

Rio Tinto collaborated with suppliers to implement a new Autonomous Haulage System technology for a fleet of autonomous haul trucks, leading to 15% lower load and haul unit costs.

Why Vizibl?

Consolidate supplier operations

Integrate your supply chain tech stack through our open API and consolidate all supplier collaboration management in Vizibl. Streamline your operations, improve supply chain visibility, and simplify collaborative workflows to drive cost savings and boost productivity.

Centrally manage all supplier relationships

Segment and manage every supplier relationship in one place. From JV partners to transactional vendors, consolidate key activities and assets including strategic account plans, secure contract storage, relationship QBRs, and supplier contacts for efficiency and ease of access.

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Simplify and standardise collaboration

Streamline supplier collaboration process with standardised global governance structures. Simplify workflows from strategic supplier alignment to POC management, joint project execution and supplier performance measurement. Manage activities and access the data you need on the go with our mobile app.

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Integrate supplier tools and data

Consolidate your supplier tech stack, integrate workflows and do away with data silos with our open API. Abolish duplicate data, improve accuracy, and create a single record on supplier data for your entire company for better and more instant visibility into your global supply chain.

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THought Leaders

Supplier collaboration represents a big opportunity for process optimisation

“One of the most important challenges that buying organizations and suppliers face when interacting with each other is the lack of effective technology solutions that can connect each other’s activities and processes in order to ensure efficiency and productivity while eliminating errors and process delays.”

Xavier Olivera, Spend Matters

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