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Accelerate innovation with suppliers and power transformational relationships. Between 55-65% of enterprise innovation is typically sourced externally, which makes sense as external innovations outperform home-grown ideas. Supply chains offer a big opportunity to support your initiatives, but innovation can be difficult to consistently govern, predict or scale. Not only that, innovation brings challenges over cost, resources and duplication. Vizibl gives you the tools needed to optimise, scale and deliver routine, incremental or, transformational innovation with key suppliers in less time.

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Outperform through better supplier collaboration and innovation

40% faster

Externally sourced innovations are commercialised 40% faster than home-grown ideas.


Average EBIT growth of companies that regularly innovate with suppliers vs companies that don’t at all.


Reduction in duplication of projects in innovation pipeline in 6 months through better supplier innovation managemen


Dyson's Innovation

Dyson developed the ‘CoVent’ medical ventilator model in just 10 days by collaborating with The Technology Partnership, a Cambridge-based medical devices company. Such developments in medical technology typically take years.

Why Vizibl?

Innovate. Accelerate. Measure. Repeat.

Standardise, speed up and forecast supplier-led innovation, all in one place. Build a global supplier innovation pipeline, reduce duplication, implement consistent processes, and launch new products and services to market faster.

Build an innovation pipeline

Manage a global pipeline of innovation PoCs and projects in one place. Create new opportunities for routine or disruptive innovations with suppliers, identify potential duplicates ahead of time, and get instant visibility on live innovation activities by region, type, industry and more.

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Consistently manage innovation projects

Make innovation repeatable with standard process and governance. Implement a consistent global PoC process, create standard templates for fully-fledged innovation projects, and centrally manage project check-ins and QBRs so all stakeholders stay on track.

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Measure innovation ROI in real time

Track ROI in real time across your innovation pipeline and get full visibility into revenue contribution, project speed, and costs. Keep senior stakeholders informed through regular automated reporting, and identify innovation trends to optimise resource allocation and ensure innovation projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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THought Leaders

Major organisations recognise supplier collaboration as the most effective route to faster innovation

“This collaboration brings together University of Oxford’s world-class expertise in vaccinology and AstraZeneca’s global development, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Our hope is that, by joining forces, we can accelerate the globalisation of a vaccine to combat the virus and protect people from the deadliest pandemic in a generation.”

Pascal Soriot, CEO

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