Astellas procurement drives value beyond savings globally with Vizibl

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Driving standardisation across supplier relationships


alignment across suppliers on business goals and objectives, codified and tracked in Vizibl

90 days

rapid deploy implementation achieved, with fully operational program within 90 days

Value beyond savings

The transformation process for procurement at Astellas pharma began four years ago to align the department with wider business objectives. This involved changing the culture and perception of procurement from being a service function to a business enabler. The time came to explore the next phase of transformation, involving a more agile approach to collaboration with suppliers and a new strategy focussed on driving value for the business beyond savings.

Lacking global standard on supplier collaboration

Whilst Astellas recognised the opportunity to collaborate more strategically with suppliers, achieving this at scale, whilst becoming more agile, with a global supply chain, would be a challenge with existing resources.

The company lacked a single view of all supplier activities across their regions and what progress had been made with a tech stack largely focussed on source to contract, contract management and risk management. What Astellas needed was a single platform to provide the entire organisation with a global standard on supplier collaboration and innovation which wasn’t “just another procurement tool”.

Strategic SRM for alignment
on business priorities
and goals

Single POC management and supplier communication workspace

Consolidated supplier data and reporting suite for maximum transparency

Leveraging supplier expertise at scale

Vizibl has delivered a solution that allows Astellas to access the talents and innovation capabilities of their supply chain and bring it into the organisation to drive value. With a supplier relationship management platform that focuses on strategic business alignment with suppliers, a single workspace for collaboration and communication and an open API that brings all supplier data together in one place, Astellas could implement a single scalable approach to best-in-class supplier collaboration across the global business.

Vizibl’s reporting suite interprets and visualises every procurement data set with a single real-time view of all live activities, offering a new level of visibility into the supply chain and value delivery for the business.

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”

Senior Procurement Team, Astellas

The results

Astellas was able to bring all communication, POC and project management activities together in one virtual workspace, allowing the procurement team to work faster and more efficiently with a standardised, scalable and accelerated supplier collaboration workflow.

The business achieved new insights into all supplier activities, helping to reduce project duplication and limit bureaucracy involved when working across regions whilst enabling the sharing of best practices.

By consolidating all data sets into one reporting interface, Astellas achieved new levels of supply chain visibility enabling the company to analyse the success of supplier-led initiatives by type and track value generation in real time, improving overall decision-making and resource allocation.

“For us, Vizibl is the best tool for implementing a standardised and scalable approach to supplier management and partner collaboration with the ability to provide insight across our different markets and suppliers.”
Paul O’Neill, Head of Procurement Capabilities, Astellas

About Astellas

Astellas is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo that employs nearly 16,000 people worldwide across Asia, Europe and North America, with annual revenues of over USD12bn in 2019. 

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