Vizibl Relationships

Align suppliers around your objectives

Get suppliers aligned with your organisation’s strategic priorities to build better relationships that achieve more.

Vizibl Relationships

Next-level relationship governance

Move beyond administrative vendor interactions with technology that helps you build strategic supplier relationships. Our platform enables you to apply a consistent and scalable governance framework for key supplier relationships so they can support your organisation’s primary objectives.

Elevate relationships

Segment suppliers, develop strategic objectives, track sentiment and build trust.

Implement structure

Identify roles and responsibilities, organise QBRs and track towards key project outcomes.

Scale governance

Apply consistent governance models, onboard suppliers worldwide and build better relationships.

Strategically segment and govern suppliers

Move beyond basic supplier categories with strategic segmentation. From strategic and JV partners to speciality and niche suppliers or transactional vendors, apply specific governance models that align to the priorities of each segment.

Create strategic account plans

Set the strategic direction of every relationship with supplier account plans. Establish a shared vision, define guiding principles, outline expected behaviours and organise structured QBRs to keep both sides on track.

Centrally manage roles and responsibilities

Manage a central record on every contact involved in your relationship for true accountability and transparency. Confirm individual responsibilities by division and geography, create ‘circles’ to align teams with specific initiatives and quickly escalate issues to the right people.

Measure relationship performance

Get real insights into supplier performance with relational and operational metrics. Follow progress on meeting strategic objectives, track survey results on relationship sentiment and cultural alignment, and identify further opportunities for collaboration.

Vizibl works for all

Vodafone aligns key suppliers worldwide around their strategic objectives

“Collaboration with suppliers and startups is at the heart of our innovation and growth strategy.”
- Ninian Wilson, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

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