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Engage suppliers effectively and hit goals faster

Collaborate more effectively with suppliers on operational or transformative initiatives and swiftly execute on strategic objectives.

Vizibl Workspace

Achieve more with your suppliers

Getting more from supplier relationships shouldn’t mean tougher negotiations. Vizibl brings together the tools and integrations needed for effective cross-functional supplier collaboration at an operational and strategic level.

Be customer of choice

Streamline activities in one virtual workspace for more successful collaboration on joint activities and initiatives.  Become a true partner to your suppliers.

Drive innovation

Leverage supplier knowledge, resources and expertise to develop joint intellectual property. Launch new products in less time, create new revenue streams and drive shareholder value.

Impact company goals

Whether its cost savings, operational improvements, open innovation or sustainability, support wider company initiatives by working better with key supplier partners.

more effectively

Streamline supplier governance, reduce duplication and consolidate activities in one virtual workspace. Create ‘opportunities’ to seek expertise from your supply chain, implement a consistent proof of concept management process and set up centrally managed projects with standardised templates.

Drive momentum
and productivity

Focus efforts on reaching key project deliverables faster. Quickly assign tasks or escalate issues to the right people, organise project check-ins to review progress and share best practice, and send surveys to establish a regular feedback loop.

Track progress
and measure success

Prove the success of your supplier initiatives with real-time reporting dashboards. Develop an innovation pipeline, follow progress on sustainability goals, track cost savings with suppliers or calculate value generated by individual activities.

Vizibl works for all

Astellas Pharma engages key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”
Nick Jenkinson, Senior Director, Procurement, Astellas

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