Enable a digitalised & robust governance structure with auditable activities

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Good supplier relationship management engenders good compliance, a vital part of any successful governance program with your suppliers. 

Increasing Challenges

But current manual ways of working with suppliers means it is hugely difficult, if not impossible, to show an audit trail of how you actually work compliantly with your supplier.

The Opportunity

Vizibl provides your organisation with a single point of transparency across your supplier network, ensuring that compliance, interactions, and risk can be managed seamlessly. Auditable Timelines

Track every interaction with your suppliers in Vizibl from a multitude of angles, allowing organisations to take the complexity out of their auditing challenges so they can focus on growing partnerships with their suppliers.

Issue Management

Vizibl enables your supplier and your team to log, categorise and standardise how issues are logged. You then have a an activity trail to track the issue status and the corrective actions until issue resolution. 

You can then consolidate all compliance activity needs from a global, regional, country or site level view in a Vizibl through our multi-level relationship roll-up roll-down of data. 

Powerful Technology to Underpin Your SC&I Program...

With Vizibl, you get one technology platform that gives you a view across all of your organisation and the interactions you have with your strategic suppliers. Real-time Issue Management and alerts enables teams to proactively address problems before they become critical, moving the organisation from a manual reactive stage, to a digitised proactively managed stage and towards world class supplier partnerships. 

Get your Supplier innovation program started quickly

Vizibl gives you an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based platform that underpins your supplier collaboration program. It’s simple to get started; no hardware, no installation, and you never have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Change is happening at speed, contact us to see how Vizibl can solve your supplier collaboration and innovation efforts.

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