Powering the Future of Supplier Collaboration

Vizibl enables companies to collaborate and manage their extended ecosystems, to drive innovation, growth, resilience and sustainability.

Build Supply Chain Sustainability with Vizibl

Vizibl Sustainability is the supplier collaboration platform that helps you align on sustainability goals, collaborate on unique projects and deliver on ambitious sustainability programmes...

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In the last 15 years, 52% of fortune 500 companies have disappeared

- Innosight

This demands a rapid change in mindset

Why is Supplier Collaboration & Innovation so important?

60% - 80% of total organisational spend is with suppliers*

*PA Consulting: Innovation Matters Global Report

55% - 65% of enterprise innovations are typically sourced externally*

*McKinsey: The S-Curve of Innovation

Ninian Wilson

CEO – Vodafone Procurement

“Collaboration with suppliers & startups is at the heart of our innovation & growth strategy”

What is Supplier Collaboration & Innovation?

"SC&I is an enterprise approach focused on driving business speed and growth through managing the extended innovation network"

How to do it

What if there was a scalable process for SC&I that delivered…

Welcome to the solution - Vizibl

The leading cloud solution used by business leaders for its simplicity, powerful insight and value creation. See the Supplier Collaboration & Innovation process in action.

1: Align
Set & maintain strategy & align on performance.
2: Engage
Improve and transform the way you run the business
3: Grow
The impact of Supplier Collaboration & Innovation

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Enterprise level Innovation

Vizibl is built with input from specialists in procurement, innovation, strategy, marketing, manufacturing and finance. Functional experts that know exactly what makes enterprises, buyers, suppliers and relationships tick.

The thing that defines us, sets us apart and drives us, is our laser focus on building software that enables Enterprises to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with their partners.

We've built a dedicated team who support the Vizibl community in promoting the advantages of SC&I.

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Forward-thinking companies  are building a community...

Airbnb HQ in
San Francisco

Twitter, Google, Coupa, Chrolox, Roche and Disney all discuss the impact supplier collaboration & innovation is having on their business and their industry.

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BMW, Intel, Telefonica, Husqvarna and Nokia to discuss the impact supplier collaboration & innovation is having on their business and their industry.

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Rolls Royce, AstraZeneca, Mars and T Systems to discuss the impact supplier collaboration & Innovation is having on their business and their industry.

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Determine supplier relationship health in an instant.
Align your suppliers with your business objectives.
Manage supplier performance and monitor improvement plans in real time.
Quickly escalate issues and risks before they impact performance.
Vizibl lights the path for successful supplier collaboration.
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