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Given that value chain emissions make up the majority of our environmental impact, the supply chain holds the key to true organisational sustainability. While cost and complexity have been a barrier for enterprise businesses looking to reduce their impact on people and planet, supplier sustainability doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Vizibl brings together your supply chain sustainability data in one place so you can identify new opportunities with suppliers, accelerate collaborative initiatives, and meet your ambitious commitments.

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The “missing link for sustainability”


Supply chain emissions on average vs. a company’s direct emissions.


Environmental impact of consumer sector (e.g. on air, soil, land) in the supply chain.


Large businesses that saved costs from supplier carbon management activities.


Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands

In 2018, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands grew 69% faster than the rest of the business, delivering 75% of company growth. Since 2014, Unilever has saved over €1bn in costs through supplier sustainability initiatives.

Why Vizibl?

Transform data into action

Transform your sustainability data into action and collaborate with suppliers at scale. From removing virgin plastics in products to sourcing cleaner energy or implementing greener processes, accelerate progress on your sustainability programmes, realise new cost savings, and drive sustainable growth.

Integrate supplier data and identify opportunities

Consolidate your supplier sustainability data silos in Vizibl. We are integrating with EcoVadis so you can track supplier environmental, social, and governance data, and qualify promising opportunities in Vizibl. Looking to measure scope 3 emissions, raw material usage, or waste impact? Bring it into Vizibl with our open API for greater visibility.

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Align on sustainability goals

Align on sustainability objectives with key suppliers in Vizibl. Identify supplier partners by segment, confirm sustainability objectives in relationship account plans, manage team responsibilities centrally for accountability and transparency, and host QBRs for good governance.

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Collaborate on green initiatives

Collaborate in one place with key suppliers on sustainability initiatives. Set up projects with standard processes and governance, assign tasks and host check-ins to build momentum, and track progress towards key company sustainability objectives in real time.

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THought Leaders

If there ever were a time to act on sustainability, that time is definitely now.

“Businesses across sectors, governments across continents, NGOs, academics, researchers, scientists… we must all come together. We can’t put climate action on hold. We can’t tell people who live in poverty to wait.”

Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

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