Supplier Collaboration for Sustainability

Whether from customers, investors, governments, or regulatory bodies, enterprise organisations are facing pressure from all angles to meet ambitious sustainability pledges. With looming deadlines, no clear path to improvement, and the need to balance sustainability against other key business goals, the race is on to satisfy these stakeholders and make concrete progress. 

The majority of a large company’s environmental impact – on emissions, water, land, natural resources, biodiversity, and more – will sit in the upstream value chain. Enterprise organisations also have a huge impact on our communities and influence how our society operates throughout their value chains.

In the context of the global sustainability challenge, then, the simple truth is that we cannot be sustainable without our suppliers. Smart enterprises are leveraging Supplier Collaboration and Innovation to drive close, collaborative relationships with their extended ecosystem in order to deliver on strategic sustainability goals.


Vizibl has configured its best-in-class platform to feature a new SBTi framework. With it, your Supplier Engagement programme is ready to go in just four weeks, and will be fully aligned with the SBTi's guidance. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to!

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Supplier Collaboration and Innovation for sustainability

From baselining the sustainability credentials of your entire value chain to meeting net zero emissions reduction targets, Supplier Collaboration and Innovation provides the most robust methodology for becoming a more sustainable business.

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Your Supplier Sustainability toolkit

Measure, align, collaborate, and transform your supplier sustainability performance, all in one place. Establish supplier sustainability programmes across portfolios of suppliers, underpinned by both common disclosure systems and custom frameworks. Set a roadmap of improvement targets across this cohort of suppliers or at the individual supplier level, and collaborate on improvement with projects and innovation opportunities.

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Our digital procurement platform enables global organisations to place collaboration, innovation & sustainability at the heart of  supplier relationships. Align key suppliers and partners around your business objectives, collaborate seamlessly on complex projects, source innovation from your supply base, and track ROI to prove the true value of your work. All on one platform, all Vizibl.

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Astellas Pharma engages key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

Vizibl has given us the ability to closely align our global procurement team and our strategic and preferred suppliers to the Astellas corporate strategy in order to drive mutual business value. Not only have we improved relationships, performance, and outcomes with our suppliers, we’ve driven better, active, collaborative relationships within our own enterprise – enabling procurement to achieve valued business partner status in the Astellas business.

Paul O’Neill, SVP Global Head of Procurement, Astellas

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