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Supplier Sustainability Management

The majority of our sustainability challenges sit in our supply chains. From emissions, water, and biodiversity, to supplier diversity and child labour free supply chains, it is indisputable - we cannot operate sustainably without our suppliers.

But getting an accurate picture of supplier sustainability is notoriously difficult, with lack of transparency over suppliers’ sustainability performance, unwieldy data from disclosure framework providers, and difficulty integrating this data with existing procurement platforms. This lack of centralisation and transparency makes working on improvements in collaboration with suppliers especially difficult, limiting organisations’ ability to make concrete progress on issues like scope 3, water security, sustainable raw materials, and more.

That’s why we built Vizibl Supplier Sustainability Management.

All your supplier sustainability efforts, all on one platform, all Vizibl.

Drive robust supplier sustainability management with tools that support better measurement and baselining of current performance, increase alignment around shared goals, facilitate effective collaboration, and leverage supplier collaboration to transform unsustainable categories into brand new opportunities.

Measure supplier sustainability & align on goals

Create supplier sustainability programmes with both custom sustainability frameworks and those from common disclosure providers like CDP, and set a roadmap of improvement targets across a portfolio of suppliers.

Collaborate on sustainability improvement projects

Set goals for your sustainability programmes and link them to Projects in Vizibl’s Collaboration Workspace, allowing you to manage, track, and prove improvements in supply chain sustainability over time.

Transform unsustainable categories with Supplier Innovation

Pair Supplier Sustainability Management with Vizibl’s Innovation Hub functionality to leverage supplier sourced-innovation, enabling you to transform categories that threaten your sustainability efforts.

Explore Vizibl Supplier Sustainability Management

Measure, align, collaborate, and transform your supplier sustainability performance, all in one place. Establish supplier sustainability programmes across portfolios of suppliers, underpinned by both common disclosure systems and custom frameworks. Set a roadmap of improvement targets across this cohort of suppliers or at the individual supplier level, and establish quantitative goals for your overall programme. Collaborate on improvement by linking these goals to Projects and Initiatives in other areas of the Vizibl platform, and prove your progress with robust reporting and customisable widgets.

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Supplier Sustainability Management Datasheet

Vizibl Supplier Sustainability Management overcomes common barriers to building a more sustainable supply chain by allowing you to baseline and measure supplier sustainability performance, create sustainability programmes and attach common disclosure frameworks, and chart a roadmap towards your goals with incremental improvement targets. Get the datasheet to learn more.

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Vodafone uses Vizibl to get unique insights into supplier performance and innovation.

“Vizibl gives us a centrally managed platform that helps us provide the structure and reporting tools needed for key proof of concepts and supplier innovation projects to flourish.”

- Ninian Wilson, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

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