Supplier Collaboration & Innovation for Transformation

Modern enterprises find themselves faced with a turbulent business landscape – whether it’s changing consumer demands, sustainability pressures, or rampant competition from new business models, the pressure has been rising on the world’s largest organisations to keep up and adapt. 

In this new context, following the same operating procedures that worked year on year in the past is no longer an option – in fact, it constitutes a true threat to our competitiveness. 

In order to meet these challenges head on, enterprise organisations must transform the way they do business – whether that’s overhauling environmentally unsustainable categories, redesigning products and processes to meet changing consumer needs, or re-engineering internal ways of working. 

To enable them to transform, smart enterprises are looking to their suppliers. By leveraging Supplier Collaboration and Innovation principles, enterprise organisations can secure priority access to supplier expertise, work collaboratively with their extended ecosystem to address emerging challenges, and source transformative new solutions through supplier innovation. With Vizibl, this process is centralised and made truly transparent, giving you the tools to drive the most efficient and effective transformation at scale.

Supplier Collaboration & Innovation for transformation

Whether it’s product transformation at a component level, process redesign to drive outcomes more efficiently, or total transformation of unsustainable categories, leverage Supplier Collaboration to transform novel business challenges into brand new opportunities.

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Your transformation toolkit

Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration and Innovation solution empowers your team through our powerful combination of platform and enablement services. Our experienced team of strategic consultants help you activate, accelerate, and achieve your transformation programme, whilst our digital platform provides process governance and robust reporting to demonstrate the value you’re driving to your wider business.

Explore the Vizibl platform

Our digital procurement platform enables global organisations to place collaboration, innovation & sustainability at the heart of  supplier relationships. Align key suppliers and partners around your business objectives, collaborate seamlessly on complex projects, source innovation from your supply base, and track ROI to prove the true value of your work. All on one platform, all Vizibl.

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Vizibl works for all

Astellas Pharma engages key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

Vizibl has given us the ability to closely align our global procurement team and our strategic and preferred suppliers to the Astellas corporate strategy in order to drive mutual business value. Not only have we improved relationships, performance, and outcomes with our suppliers, we’ve driven better, active, collaborative relationships within our own enterprise – enabling procurement to achieve valued business partner status in the Astellas business.

Paul O’Neill, SVP Global Head of Procurement, Astellas

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