Vizibl's SBTi Supplier Engagement Framework

We've built every step of the Science-Based Targets Initiative's (SBTi) Supplier Engagement guidance framework into the Vizibl platform - and you can go from measurement to action in just four weeks.

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From raw data to a Supplier Engagement programme in just 4 weeks

Directly following the steps laid out in SBTi’s Supplier Engagement Guidance, the new SBTi Framework Edition of the Vizibl platform leads our customers through the process, automating key steps that would otherwise take months of administratively-intensive manual work. The result is that your Supplier Engagement programme is
ready to launch in just four weeks.

Better data and better measurement alone will not help your organisation to meet its supplier sustainability goals, but it is a common problem faced by many organisations. When it comes to measuring emissions, and scope 3 GHG emissions in particular, the simple truth is we do not have time to wait for the perfect data set: we just need enough data to start taking action. This can come in the form of raw spend data, emissions data, or an integration from one of our partners. Whichever data route you take, we’ll have enough to get you on the path to action.

Once we have your data, the Vizibl platform runs a process of cleansing, normalising, and enriching it to show where your biggest scope 3 hotspots are for potential improvement and reduction. When importing and mapping is complete, your Supplier Sustainability Launchpad is ready to view and start making decisions on where action will have the most impact - enabling you to stand up an entire Supplier Engagement programme, with a springboard into collaboration, innovation and transformation, in just four weeks.

After four weeks, your programme is ready to launch! With Vizibl’s survey and scoring tools, we’ll help you further segment your suppliers, ensuring you're taking the right action with the right cohort of suppliers. Our out of the box templates, content and document libraries will help you educate and engage your suppliers on the road to net zero. And, every stage of the journey is captured - helping you build your body of evidence to mitigate against rising ESG regulation. Simple, scalable, all on one platform, all Vizibl.

Navigating to Net Zero: Vizibl's STBi Framework Demo Webinar

Available now on demand, watch Vizibl's product & engineering and professional services teams take you through Vizibl's new SBTi framework, showing you how to quickly move from science-based target setting to action, and to reporting, with easy-to-follow signposts and expert analyst help available every step of the way.

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Key Benefits

Our new SBTi Supplier Engagement framework expands Vizibl’s existing supplier collaboration and innovation functionality, bringing not only more depth to our software by aligning it with a globally-recognised reporting standard, but also the ability to get started faster than ever - and track all your decarbonisation actions with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Read on to find out more.

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Vizibl's new Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Framework is aimed at helping large corporations get their supplier engagement for sustainability programmes stood up and ready to launch in just four weeks.

If your organisation has raw supplier spend data and wants to turn it into the launchpad for a full Supplier Engagement Programme in just four weeks, following the stages of the SBTI's Supplier Engagement guidance framework, Vizibl can help you.

Fill in the form on the right, and one of our supplier engagement experts will get back to you to arrange an initial meeting.