Supplier Relationship Management

SRM comes with proven benefits for efficiencies, cost reductions, agility, and resilience, yet procurement frequently lacks the information and governance required to make the most informed and effective decisions about their relationships. Siloed, offline ways of working and fragmented data sources lead to difficulty accessing information, and managing relationships becomes a slow, friction-filled process. Robust relationship management becomes impossible to achieve at scale.

Vizibl's Supplier Relationship Management provides one centralised information repository for all relationships at the touch of a button, allowing you to implement transparent, standardised processes underpinned by real-time, single source of truth data.


Strengthen your supplier relationships

Robust management provides the foundation for more valuable supplier relationships, helping find new efficiencies, uncover further cost reductions, drive innovation potential, and mitigate risk.

Platform features

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Establish, govern, and optimise key supplier relationships, all in one place. Build a joint vision and account plan with key suppliers, supported by shared, measurable objectives. Access up to date information, implement consistent processes, and drive robust people governance to find time and resource efficiencies. Track and manage supplier performance quantitatively in real time, ensuring you’re driving the most up to date insights to support continuous improvement.

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Supplier Relationship Management Datasheet

A key component of the Vizibl Supplier Collaboration and Innovation solution, our Supplier Relationship Management module allows you to view all supplier relationships at the touch of a button and implement standardised processes underpinned by real-time, single source of truth data. Get the datasheet to learn more.

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Vodafone uses Vizibl to get unique insights into supplier performance and innovation.

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”

Procurement Team, Astellas

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