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Supplier Collaboration Workspace

Supplier Collaboration aligns suppliers and partners around your business strategy, leveraging the supply chain to deliver on key goals.

Though most organisations engage in some form of Supplier Collaboration, siloed offline ways of working in documents, presentations, and spreadsheets hinder these efforts. Not only that, they limit the possibility for systematic governance and impede the ability to expand your efforts beyond a handful of suppliers, meaning success only happens in small pockets.

With Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration Workspace you can power active, valuable relationships systematically and at scale.

Supplier Collaboration overview

Realise the benefits of Supplier Collaboration

Engage more effectively with supply chain stakeholders to realise cost and quality improvements, secure better access to supplier capacity, and drive more engagement in supply chain sustainability initiatives

Privileged Customer of Choice status

Build strong, mutually valuable, trusted supplier relationships, grounded in shared vision and objectives to enjoy the privileges granted by ‘Customer of Choice’ status.

Engagement & alignment across ESG initiatives

Gain early alignment and jointly measure ESG initiatives, creating frameworks and joint action plans across your supply chain.

Priority access to supplier capacity

Through deeply collaborative and meaningful supplier relationships, balance scarcity, capacity, and access to critical goods, materials, and services.

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Discover Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration Workspace

Collaborate with internal stakeholders, external suppliers, and extended business partners in one place, in real time, on active, collaborative projects that help you deliver on your organisation's biggest goals. Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration Workspace centralises and focuses everyone’s efforts, busting silos and breaking down barriers to collaboration. Work consistently and constructively on collaborative projects that are directly linked to shared goals and value trackers, and move beyond operational work to gain visibility, in real time, into the value you’re delivering to your organisation.

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Supplier Collaboration Workspace Datasheet

Our Supplier Collaboration Workspace provides one central location to collaborate systematically with internal & external stakeholders on projects that deliver measurable value to your organisation. Get the datasheet to learn more.

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Astellas Pharma engages key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”

Procurement Team, Astellas

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