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Your Supplier Collaboration programme is not over once it’s up and running. While Vizibl Activate and Vizibl Accelerate assess your baseline, uplift the capability of your team, and establish your roadmap to success, Vizibl Achieve ensures you remain on track to deliver against your strategic goals across the first three years of your Supplier Collaboration and Innovation (SC&I) programme. The goal of Achieve is to embed collaborative ways of working into every facet of your procurement function over the long term as your programme matures, effectively turning SC&I into BAU. Ongoing support and monitoring from the Vizibl team ensures that you guard against value leakage or performance degradation to maintain your momentum driving value to your wider organisation.

Maintain & mature your Supplier Collaboration programme

Vizibl Achieve focuses on consolidating the improvements you’ve made over the Activate and Accelerate phases, driving continuous improvement as your programme matures. Designed to ensure that you stay on track against the strategic goals of your programme, ongoing monitoring and issue resolution during this phase allows you to make course corrections, track the progress of your Active Collaborative Relationships (ACRs), and scale your existing successes more broadly.

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Supercharge your results with Vizibl Achieve

During the Achieve phase of your programme, our team will use many of the tools and processes we began the programme with in order to assess your progress, highlight any areas for improvement, and set new baselines for future comparisons as the programme matures further. Proactive alerting, ongoing monitoring, and issue consulting from our team prevent performance degradation as Supplier Collaboration becomes business as usual and ensure that your Active Collaborative Relationships continue to trend positively.

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Vizibl works for all

Astellas Pharma engages key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

Vizibl has given us the ability to closely align our global procurement team and our strategic and preferred suppliers to the Astellas corporate strategy in order to drive mutual business value. Not only have we improved relationships, performance, and outcomes with our suppliers, we’ve driven better, active, collaborative relationships within our own enterprise – enabling procurement to achieve valued business partner status in the Astellas business.

Paul O’Neill, SVP Global Head of Procurement, Astellas

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