Vizibl is a CDP Accredited Software Partner

Vizibl is delighted to have earned accreditation by CDP, the global non-profit organisation that runs the world’s most prominent annual environmental disclosure programme, after a rigorous assessment process. This new partnership is a significant step forward for Vizibl as we continue to assist our customers with engaging their suppliers on sustainability and emission reductions.

The partnership will see Vizibl join the organisation’s Accredited Solutions Provider roster as the only software company to cover value chain engagement, scope 3 services, and stakeholder engagement via the Vizibl Supplier Collaboration and Innovation platform.

As we move through the 2024 reporting cycle alongside CDP, the relationship will underpin the Supplier Sustainability Management module within the Vizibl platform.

Establish a decarbonisation mindset with the suppliers who contribute most to your scope 3 emissions.

Vizibl's Decarbonisation as a Service (DaaS) allows your organisation to drive decarbonisation through your high-impact suppliers with tools that support faster and better baselining of current performance, increase alignment around shared goals, facilitate effective collaboration, and help green innovations flourish.

Establish relationships with your most carbon-intensive suppliers.

DaaS starts by linking you directly with the suppliers who contribute the most to your organisation’s scope 3 emissions. This is done through a combination of our robust software platform and Vizibl’s enablement services.

Assess current performance quickly so you can start taking action.

DaaS contains pre-configured frameworks from CDP and the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), allowing you to quickly view and assess your suppliers’ performance. Plus if you have your own data sources, you can add them at this stage.

Collaborate and innovate on decarbonisation solutions together.

Set goals for your scope 3 reduction programmes and link them to Projects in Vizibl’s Collaboration Workspace, and get instant access to Vizibl’s Innovation Hub functionality to leverage supplier-sourced decarbonisation innovations.

“After the intensive accreditation process, we are thrilled to enter into this partnership with CDP. At Vizibl, we have been working closely with the world’s largest enterprise organisations to improve their supply chain sustainability; CDP themselves have found that an organisation’s value chain emissions, for example, are in excess of 11 times that of their own operations. By forging this partnership with the gold standard in environmental disclosure and reporting, we are equipping ourselves to provide the very best insights to our customers, and to expand our platform’s capabilities as the leading Supplier Collaboration and Innovation solution.”

Mark Perera, founder and executive chairman, Vizibl

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ESG Regulation 2024: what it means for procurement

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