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The sheer volume of data that organisations need to capture around spend, suppliers, activities, projects, innovation, resilience, and sustainability can be overwhelming. With reports sitting in disparate systems or even on local drives, aggregating and normalising data becomes unwieldy. As a result, procurement often lacks the necessary insights to make the right decisions, and getting a comprehensive picture of performance becomes a challenge.

With Vizibl’s powerful combination of out-of-the-box reporting and real-time centralised data, coupled with fully configurable tagging, widgets, and customisable dashboards, you have the power to build exactly what you need for your organisation.


Make data-driven decisions

Underpin decisions with single source of truth data and generate intelligent quantitative & qualitative insights on active supplier relationships. Get access to reliable, real-time, analytics on supplier collaboration, innovation, resilience, and sustainability that your entire company can rely on.

Report on scope 3 and wider ESG initiatives

Drive insights into supplier contribution to Scope 3 emissions and progress on wider ESG initiatives, enabling you to put in place proactive plans & projects to meet your organisation's sustainability commitments.

Measure the value of your innovation pipeline

View your entire potential supplier innovation portfolio right alongside reports that show both the progress of approved innovation opportunities, and the results they are generating, to prove the value of your supplier relationships.

Underpin active, collaborative relationships with data

Assess the health of your ecosystem with qualitative relationship data. Gauge sentiment with survey reports, measure alignment on culture & values, receive detailed activity audits, and track performance against strategic objectives.


Explore Vizibl’s dashboards, analytics & reporting

Vizibl’s flexible, multidimensional approach to data, dashboards, and analytics empowers you to create a set of reports suitable for every stakeholder in your organisation. Drill down from senior leadership dashboards on global sustainability and innovation performance into regional, OpCo, or category level analysis on projects and performance. Our powerful set of reporting tools enable you to make real-time, data-driven decisions. All on one platform, all Vizibl.

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