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Leading companies realise that current manual ways of engaging with their suppliers are not feasible in the 21st century and represent a massive competitive risk. Industry leaders need to get transparency and insights into how they are working witht their suppliers.

The Challenge of SRM

The biggest challenges for companies looking to engage in robust collaboration programs with their suppliers are manual ways of working and an inability to scale out the program. In fact these are the main reasons why previous earlier versions of SRM programs have usually failed. The amount of complexity in collaborating with a supplier across your whole organisation is overwhelming from a manual process perspective and trying to scale this manual way of working out means you need to increase headcount, which for most organisations is not an option. But there is a better way…

Powerful Technology to Underpin Your SC&I Program...

We understand that for any SC&I program to be effective you need people, process and technology. In fact, what we find is that most organisations have strong elements of the first two, but where they severely fall down is having a technology platform that underpins all this. And that’s why we built Vizibl - to ensure organisations can quickly and efficiently execute supplier collaboration and innovation transformation programs that deliver maximum impact.

Get your supplier management SC&I program started quickly

Vizibl gives you an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based platform that underpins your supplier collaboration program. It’s simple to get started; no hardware, no installation, and you never have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Change is happening at speed, contact us to see how Vizibl can solve your supplier collaboration and innovation efforts.

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