The world's leading digital platform for Supplier Collaboration & Innovation

Vizibl is a digital procurement platform that allows global organisations to unlock the true value of their supplier relationships.
Our enterprise-ready technology enables you to align key suppliers and partners around your business objectives, collaborate
seamlessly on complex projects, source innovation from your supply base, and track ROI to prove the true value of your work.

Whether you're looking to improve efficiencies, meet ambitious sustainability commitments, or drive innovation for business growth,
do it all in one place, in real-time, in Vizibl.

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Supplier Relationship Management
and so much more

Vizibl provides one place to build and manage strategic partnerships with key suppliers at scale – be they big or small.
Create alignment and set joint goals, establish ownership and clear relationship governance, and analyse partnership health for better supplier relationship management in the Vizibl platform. With those pieces in place, you are primed and ready to start driving further value from those relationships by turning supplier innovation from an ad hoc art into a repeatable science.

Vizibl Relationships

Align on
strategic goals

Build strategic supplier relationships based on key goals and shared objectives to keep both buyer and supplier aligned on desired outcomes.

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Vizibl workspace

Engage on
unique initiatives

Collaborate on regular projects or ambitious new initiatives and leverage supplier expertise to accelerate progress on your strategic objectives.

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Vizibl Reporting

Track and

Consolidate your data for better quality performance insights, track ROI in real time, and identify new opportunities to deliver further value with your suppliers.

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