Vizibl Reporting

Track strategic supplier data that’s actionable

Get relational, operational and ROI reporting in one place for better supplier insights that help you drive more value.

Vizibl reporting

Better data. Better outcomes.

Strategic supplier relationships require more than basic KPIs to succeed. Generate intelligent, qualitative insights on supplier activities and integrate your existing data tools with Vizibl to create a single, reliable record on supplier performance that your entire company can rely on.

Get true visibility

Easily build custom reporting dashboards so you can track important qualitative and quantitative supplier data in real time.

Inform better decisions

Pull in data from multiple sources with Vizibl’s open API. Get better quality insights and allocate resources more effectively.

Make the business case

Report ROI from supplier activities and send automated reports to senior stakeholders so they see the value of your work.

relationship health

Assess the health of your supplier ecosystem with qualitative relationship data. Gauge sentiment with survey reports, measure alignment with culture and values, receive detailed activity audits and track towards strategic objectives to see which suppliers are performing.

Get better
data and insights

Integrate your supplier data sources for improved accuracy and quality of insights in one place. Compare emissions data with performance on sustainability goals, track supplier risk against resilience objectives or show cost savings from collaborative innovation vs previous approaches.

Quantify ROI
in real time

Analyse the ROI of supplier activities in real time by supplier, project type, geography and more. Track performance over time, determine which activities generate the greatest ROI and identify opportunities to refine or grow your supplier collaboration strategy.

Vizibl works for all

Vodafone uses Vizibl to get unique insights into supplier performance and innovation.

“Vizibl gives us a centrally managed platform that helps us provide the structure and reporting tools needed for key proof of concepts and supplier innovation projects to flourish.”
- Ninian Wilson, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

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