Astellas Pharma Partners with Vizibl to Drive Sustainable Enterprise Value Through Supplier Collaboration & Innovation

Vizibl’s Supplier Relationship Management and Collaboration Workspace modules allow Astellas to align procurement teams and strategic suppliers to corporate strategy, and lay the foundations for future innovation

18th October 2022: London, United Kingdom. Vizibl, the world’s leading digital procurement platform for Supplier Collaboration & Innovation, is delighted to be working with Astellas Pharma, enabling the Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company to more effectively manage its relationships with strategic suppliers, drive mutual business value, and take its collaboration and innovation activities to the next level.

Astellas is utilising Vizibl’s platform, including an initial combination of its Supplier Relationship Management functionality and Supplier Collaboration Workspace module, to support the work of its centralised procurement function and procurement excellence team.

Vizibl’s platform is helping Astellas’ procurement team achieve its three stated objectives:

  • Gain global visibility of strategic and preferred suppliers
  • Leverage innovation from the incumbent supplier base
  • Embed scalability to lay the foundations for future collaboration and innovation

Vizibl’s platform has already enabled Astellas to significantly improve supplier management and visibility, and determine strategic and preferred suppliers. After the onboarding of the initial cohort of suppliers, Astellas’ procurement team was able to prove the platform’s benefits in terms of visibility and robust governance of supplier relationships to the wider team, helping to secure a mandate for scaling which will drive further strategic value back to the business.

Paul O’Neill, SVP Head of Global Procurement at Astellas, commented: “Vizibl has given us the ability to closely align our global procurement team and our strategic and preferred suppliers to the Astellas corporate strategy to drive mutual business value. Not only have we improved relationships, performance, and outcomes with our suppliers, we’ve driven better, active, collaborative relationships within our own enterprise – enabling procurement to achieve valued business partner status in the Astellas business.”

To further increase supplier innovation, Astellas has launched its ‘I2G Programme’. The first phase will see Astellas use Vizibl’s Supplier Innovation Hub module to drive a round of closed innovation amongst their incumbent supply base, which will eventually be expanded further afield to incorporate open innovation.

Exemplifying the success that has been achieved following implementation, the Vizibl platform has enabled Astellas’ procurement team to be recognised with the ‘Large Enterprise Procurement Team of the Year’ award at the 2022 World Procurement Awards, with the judges citing Astellas’ procurement function to have ‘exceeded its savings targets while delivering an exceptional experience for stakeholders.’

Vizibl CEO, Mark Perera, concluded: “It’s fantastic to see that our work with Astellas is being so well received by their procurement team, and that it is already delivering tangible benefits to the organisation. We look forward to our ongoing partnership as we continue to aid Astellas in driving visibility over their supply base and increased collaboration with supply chain partners. We anticipate their I2G programme in particular will demonstrate the enormous value that the Vizibl platform provides when it comes to tapping into the innovation potential of this award-winning pharmaceutical company’s supply chain.”

Astellas case study

To read more about our work with Astellas, see our case study: Astellas Pharma Partners with Vizibl to Drive Sustainable Enterprise Value Through Supplier Collaboration & Innovation

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