Watch 'The Decade of Our Lives: Climate, carbon, and the Scope 3 challenge' on demand

On Wednesday 1st December, Vizibl brought climate, carbon and the Scope 3 challenge front and centre in a hyper-focused, new and improved Collaborate format. Hear expert speakers like Jim Massey, CSO of Zai Lab, and Deborah Dull, founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network, on what action we can take now to ensure we reach ambitious climate targets and protect people and planet, with on demand access to the event below.

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Caitlyn Lewis – Chair – Founder & MD, Supplier Day

Jim Massey – Keynote speaker – Chief Sustainability Officer, ZaiLab; formerly VP ESG, Sustainability, Ethics, Compliance at AstraZeneca

Deborah Dull – Panellist – Founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network

Emir Sassi – Panellist – Head of Global Procurement Sustainability, Novartis

Cesare Guarini – Panellist – Director Sustainability Procurement, Philip Morris International

Mark Perera – Panellist – Founder & CEO, Vizibl