Vizibl Announces New Partnership with Supplier Day

Vizibl, the leader in Supplier Collaboration and Innovation technology, today announces its formal partnership with Supplier Day, experts in delivering unique virtual events and team experiences that cement alignment with suppliers and partners.

London, UK: 28th March 2022: Vizibl, the leading SaaS platform for Supplier Collaboration & Innovation, today announced a new partnership with Supplier Day. Supplier Day helps companies design and execute virtual events to align their global partners, suppliers, and stakeholders around their strategies for growth, innovation & sustainability.

Mark Perera, CEO and Founder of Vizibl, said: “We have partnered with Supplier Day because of the many synergies in our beliefs around the benefits of close alignment and collaboration between large organisations and their suppliers. Though many companies offer event planning and event management services, none of them intimately understand the priorities and challenges of the procurement function in the way that Supplier Day does. Caitlyn and her team are well-acquainted with this operating environment and have an in-depth understanding of procurement’s needs, allowing Supplier Day to provide the best possible events that foster deep, collaborative relationships between enterprise organisations and their strategic suppliers. These relationships are mission critical in the current business landscape, better enabling enterprise organisations to meet their ambitious objectives around sustainability, innovation, and resilience.”

Caitlyn Lewis, CEO and Founder of Supplier Day adds: “How we communicate determines whether we achieve our goals. Our aim at Supplier Day is to facilitate effective partnerships between enterprise businesses and their suppliers to drive mutual benefit. Running a supplier day allows our clients to communicate their strategic vision to their supply base, establish shared objectives and ways of working, and lay the foundations for collaborating on new solutions and innovations that benefit both buyer and supplier. Partnering with Vizibl, which provides the leading Supplier Collaboration and Innovation solution, therefore makes perfect sense. Both my team and the team at Vizibl are enabling enterprise business to meet their goals through more effective supplier relationships, supported by our deep understanding of the challenges facing the procurement function in an increasingly turbulent business landscape.”

Lewis and Perera see further integration between Vizibl and Supplier Day as a key part of the partnership’s future. Whether it’s a large initial launch or a smaller regular event, supplier days cement trust, generate excitement around the partnership, establish clear lines of communication, and spark a plethora of ideas for collaborative projects or innovation opportunities. 

Integration with Vizibl would allow client organisations to systematically capture these actions, initiatives, and opportunities on one centralised digital platform to maximise the value potential of these ideas. This combination of robust people mobilisation through supplier day events, coupled with process optimisation and the scalability of technology will provide the most effective enablement for those organisations looking to tap into the value of their supply base through Supplier Collaboration.  

To celebrate the establishment of this new partnership, Vizibl and Supplier Day are collaborating on an upcoming event in Vizibl’s Decade of our Lives sustainability webinar series. April 27th’s event ‘Turning objectives into action’ will see Lewis bring together an expert panel of Chief Procurement Officers from enterprise businesses to discuss and debate how procurement can best support the pressing sustainability agenda. With the majority of the environmental impact of a large business – including emissions, impact on land, air, and water, and threats to natural resources and biodiversity – sitting in the upstream value chain, procurement and supply chain functions have an enormous role to play in meeting steep corporate sustainability pledges. By inviting CPOs responsible for the sustainable procurement agenda to offer their top tips and potential pitfalls to the audience, Lewis’s session promises to provide practical learnings to attendees regardless of where their organisation is on its sustainability journey. 

To watch this past webinar on demand and hear tips from top enterprise CPOs on translating sustainability pledges into concrete action, visit the on demand access page here

About Vizibl

Vizibl is the leading SaaS platform for Supplier Collaboration and Innovation, helping enterprise organisations to deliver on their most ambitious objectives. Whether it’s taking joint action towards ambitious sustainability targets, discovering new revenue streams, or developing innovative products and solutions, Vizibl enables enterprise organisations to align their suppliers and partners around key business goals to deliver mutual value. 

Trusted by industry leaders like Vodafone and Heineken, Vizibl is led by co-founders Mark Perera (founding CEO of Procurement Leaders) and Alex Short as they transform how companies tap into the power of their suppliers.

About Supplier Day 

Supplier Day helps companies run online events to align growth, innovation & sustainability strategies with their partners, suppliers and startups. We are experts in delivering unique virtual events and team experiences that will inspire and inform your suppliers, partners and complementors, enabling them to generate the ideas and plans that will deliver on your long term vision whilst also future-proofing your business.