Vizibl Supercharges Supplier Sustainability Management with Programmes underpinned by CDP and Science Based Targets

Vizibl’s new Supplier Sustainability Management module extends the platform’s capabilities, empowering enterprise organisations and their suppliers to address critical sustainability challenges at scale.

19-JUL-2022: London, United Kingdom. Vizibl, the world’s leading digital procurement platform for Supplier Collaboration and Innovation, today announces the launch of Supplier Sustainability Management.  

Expanding Vizibl’s existing sustainability functionality, the new module allows organisations to:

  • Configure multiple ESG programmes quickly and easily, attach common disclosure frameworks like CDP and SBTi, and invite suppliers to the programmes.
  • View overall programme performance according to the attached frameworks.
  • View sustainability performance across the entire cohort of suppliers, or drill down into individual supplier performance.
  • Set a roadmap of phased improvement targets for the programme to chart a course towards improved supplier sustainability.

The unique and powerful combination of this Supplier Sustainability Management functionality underpinned by Vizibl’s existing Supplier Relationship Management, Supplier Collaboration Workspace, and Supplier Innovation Hub will enable organisations to align on sustainability targets, collaboratively problem solve with their supplier ecosystems, open source innovation for sustainable transformation and business growth, and gain priority access to scarce green goods & services. This combination unlocks the ability to collaborate with suppliers on sustainability goals systematically and at scale. 

Mark Perera, Vizibl CEO: “With mounting consumer and shareholder pressure on businesses to operate more sustainably, ensuring our customers have all  the tools they need to accurately assess and improve sustainability performance across their supply base is key for Vizibl. By bringing CDP and SBTi frameworks, ESG programmes, and robust target-setting functionality into our platform to complement and underpin existing Supplier Collaboration and Innovation functionality, we are arming our customers with a powerful set of tools to overcome common blockers and drive sustainable business growth. 
“With the majority of our impact on the planet and its people sitting in our supply chains, there is a growing appreciation of the enormity of the supplier sustainability challenge – particularly around scope 3 emissions – amongst executives at enterprise organisations. Their teams face frequent stumbling blocks around data and processes, lacking the technology and the centralisation to make meaningful progress on their supplier sustainability initiatives. With this module we are not only providing easy access to CDP and SBTi data to support procurement and their colleagues, but we have built the infrastructure for effective measurement and target-setting with suppliers. This was a crucial step in empowering large enterprise organisations to accelerate their sustainability efforts, and builds on the partnership with leading supplier sustainability rating provider Ecovadis that we established in 2019.”

Upcoming releases will see further capabilities designed to overcome key supplier sustainability challenges, including:

  • Custom framework functionality, allowing customers to build their own bespoke sustainability frameworks where commonly recognised providers do not yet exist.
  • Further action based insights from CDP data.
  • Programme Actions, allowing organisations to flag areas of issues or potential improvements to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Expanded two-way integration with the rest of the Vizibl platform, allowing organisations to pull in data from Projects in Vizibl’s Collaboration Workspace and from Initiatives and Opportunities in its Innovation Hub area. This integration also allows users to assign a managing relationship to suppliers in their sustainability programmes and work alongside them in other areas of the platform to drive alignment, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Expanded goal-setting capabilities which will allow organisations to set multiple measurable goals for each programme.
  • A Programme Insights tab for customers to build their own widgets and dashboards from data anywhere in Vizibl, allowing for robust reporting and in-depth insights to prove their progress against supplier sustainability efforts. 
Vizibl strategic advisor, Jim Massey: “Supplier Sustainability Management today gives organisations visibility of ESG performance across our suppliers. In the past we didn’t have this data as leaders. Now, we can chart a course to meet our commitments. Far too long, the lack of data collection delayed organisations from improving our supplier sustainability. With the upcoming functionality, this measurement, monitoring, and baselining capacity will be seamlessly integrated with Vizibl’s existing capabilities as the leading Supplier Collaboration & Innovation platform. The result is a solution that allows those of us in leadership to get an accurate picture of current supplier sustainability performance and set informed targets for the future. Even more importantly, we can show stakeholders that we are achieving those targets  through improved alignment, collaboration, and innovation with suppliers.”

To learn more about Vizibl’s Supplier Sustainability Management module, visit, or schedule a demo here.


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