Build true supply chain resilience

Supply chain vulnerabilities have been exposed like never before. Companies have focussed on building highly efficient just-in-time supply chains optimised for cost and purpose. But organisations don’t need to compromise on efficiency to also become more resilient. Vizibl gives you the tools to streamline supplier operations to prepare better and respond faster to crises so resilience becomes your competitive advantage.

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Build more than a continuity plan


Companies that said in 2019 they had business continuity arrangements in place to deal with supply chain disruption.


Percentage of Fortune 1000 companies that have one or more Tier 2 suppliers in Hubei Province, China.


Share price performance differential in 12 months between companies that do and don’t fully recover from economic shocks.



In 2011, Toyota’s operations were affected by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that led to a production hit of over 140,000 vehicles and a 30% drop in profits. The company lost its position as the world’s largest automaker.

Why Vizibl?

Competitive advantage through resilience

Bring your supplier operations together into a single, connected, digital workplace. Get the supply chain visibility to prepare for disruption ahead of time and employ effective collaboration tools for a more agile response when crisis hits.

Get real-time centralised visibility

Consolidate complex supplier data silos and pinpoint risks ahead of time from one simplified reporting interface. Create your own data command centre for real-time supply chain updates that help you to respond quicker and more effectively to disruption.

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Strategically align on resilience

Mitigate risks ahead of time and align on resilience strategy with key suppliers. Centrally co-manage ‘ready-to-go’ continuity plans, build resilience objectives into supplier account plans, and host supplier QBRs in Vizibl to keep everything up-to-date.

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Be agile in times of crisis

Quickly respond to crises with key suppliers and seize new opportunities where others can’t. Action pre-prepared continuity plans, quickly request supplier expertise and resources, or co-manage projects to accelerate product development in response to sudden shifts in consumer demand.

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Video Time

Mark Perera: thoughts on supplier resilience

THought Leaders

Supply chains need to become resilient as well as efficient.

“The pandemic is exposing a myriad of cracks in a global system that companies have been optimising for a decade. Sustained economic growth has allowed businesses to make supply chains as lean as possible, supplying goods rapidly and cost-effectively around the globe. Rather than being lean, supply chains have accidentally become frail; they’re simply not resilient enough to react when things go wrong.”

- Resilience in supply chains: Covid-19 key to transformation?

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