Supplier Collaboration Management

Achieve more, together

Vizibl enables enterprises to manage supplier collaboration in one place and ensure alignment and accountability on every supplier initiative.

Drive transparency and mobilize cross-organisational teams as one, allowing users to work on things together as they happen - all in real-time.

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The relationship
platform that’s built specifically for supplier collaboration

Better relationships and collaboration between buyers and suppliers creates significant value for organisations and helps supply chains not only become more innovative, but more resilient, sustainable and productive too.

In fact McKinsey estimates that companies with advanced supplier collaboration capabilities tend to outperform their peers by 2x in growth and other metrics.

But strategic supplier collaboration is hard to scale in a global business with a complex supply chain, where both sides of the relationship need alignment on goals and objectives.

Vizibl provides the technology to standardise your governance with suppliers and codify goals and objectives together in one place for clarity of purpose. This, alongside the robust performance capabilities in Vizibl, allow for both sides to have a clear and transparent view on the operational aspects of the relationship. In turn, ensuring people can be freed up to focus on collaborating with one another on the top-level strategic and value-driving goals that only a supplier ecosystem can bring to fruition.

Get aligned on strategic goals & priorities

Supplier relationships are complex, with numerous stakeholders, contacts and interactions. Quite often the goals of what you are trying to achieve together get lost.

With Vizibl you can drive strategic alignment on every supplier relationship so both sides have clarity of vision and are guided towards the same outcomes.

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Cultivate deeper,
more collaborative relationships

With so many touch points across a relationship with suppliers, it can very often become overwhelming. Vizibl helps you make sense of all of your supplier data so that you can effectively manage your time and resources.

With Vizibl you maintain momentum throughout every supplier initiative, ensure stakeholders are accountable, and collaborate in real time, so that both sides deliver better results faster.

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Transparency and progress in real time

Vizibl gives you alerts in real-time so you can respond quickly and stay on top of everything that is going on with your suppliers.  

Our powerful dashboards allow you to get an instant view of supplier project progress, identify blockers early on for quick resolution and send automated reports to key stakeholders for all-round visibility.

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How Vizibl can help

You already have the supplier partnerships, what you are missing is the tech

Build foundations for success

Create momentum. Set up projects where everyone is aligned. Build centralised project roadmaps where both sides are aligned from start to finish.

Align on outcomes

Establish key deliverables and set minimum requirements by project stage to give clarity for all participants

Avoid duplication

Identify potential active project duplicates across all suppliers with quick project filters and search

Define ownership

Agree on joint project owners and define roles and responsibilities for clarity on participant ownership

Schedule check-ins

Host regular project check-ins with key stakeholders and participants to gauge progress towards milestones

Partner feedback

Organise events and send surveys in Vizibl to measure sentiment and maintain a constant feedback loop

Automate and progress

Automate project approval workflows to keep information up to date and save time

Live communication

Engage with individuals or groups in real time by sharing files, links and other crucial project assets

Project health snapshots

Create custom reporting dashboards to get an instant view of project health and identify bottlenecks to remedy

Trigger notifications

Assign tasks and send notifications in-app and by email so key participants remain actively engaged

The Vizibl Platform

Learn more about the Vizibl platform

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Learn how Vizibl can help you build strategic supplier relationships at scale.

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