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Innovation is key to enabling future success, and leading companies realise that supplier innovation holds the potential to unlock huge growth for organisations.

But managing supplier-enabled innovation at scale is hard to achieve. That’s where Vizibl comes in.

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supplier innovation management

Between 60-80% of a company's innovation typically comes from their supply base. Today, most leading organisations utilise supplier innovation management to leverage the power of their supplier ecosystem to increase their own organisations innovation performance.

And supplier-enabled innovation offers significant benefits. Buyers can leverage the domain knowledge and unique insights of existing suppliers who are experts in their field at lower cost vs sourcing innovation on the open market. This can result in driving down costs and improving time to market, savings or top-line growth. Initiatives can be as simple as small incremental efficiency improvements through to launching new products, new market entry opportunities and even enhanced brand value.

Harnessing supplier innovation at scale is difficult and it requires a different more transparent, collaborative way of working together with suppliers. With current manual ways of engaging with suppliers this is not feasible and represents a significant commercial and competitive risk.

With Vizibl you can manage the end-to-end innovation process with suppliers, from idea capture and strategic alignment, all the way through to standardised project management and innovation analytics. Companies can deploy an appropriate level of governance to deliver increased innovation in less time with less risk and reduced duplication of effort.

Vizibl transforms your supplier-enabled innovation from an art, into a science.

Source innovation from suppliers

Leverage the unique insights of suppliers to source informed and cost-effective innovation for your business.

Vizibl enables you to capture ideas and opportunities from your supply base at scale, and easily transform those into fully fledged collaborative projects.

Transform ideas
into outcomes

Managing projects is hard work. Managing supplier projects and ideas at scale is even harder.

With Vizibl you can scale co-project innovation management with key suppliers and internal stakeholders to increase the success, speed and overall rate of innovation.

Vizibl continuously optimizes the health and progress of projects so that you can quickly see where there are bottlenecks.

Report on the impact of supplier innovation

Measure progress towards key innovation goals and track value creation over time on every project.

Vizibl's powerful reporting  dashboards allow you to manage your innovation pipeline across all work streams, track impact and forecast future growth.

How Vizibl can help

You already have the ideas
Vizibl solves the "what to do next"

Develop your own supplier innovation network as a source of ideas and expertise to drive company growth

Your innovation network

Source unique ideas from key supplier partners and leverage their domain knowledge

Capture every idea

Invite everyone in your company to contribute ideas and build an innovation bank for the future

Standardise process

Introduce a standardised ideas capture process to simplify operations and save time

Leverage the best

Identify the best ideas and convert them into projects all at the click of a button

Manage proof of concepts

Organise events and send surveys in Vizibl to measure sentiment and maintain a constant feedback loop


Manage ideas and POCs in a secure enterprise environment for peace of mind

Innovation governance

Apply consistent governance to every innovation project with joint roadmaps, objectives and success criteria

Build a repeatable process

Implement a consistent innovation process with project templates, management processes and project stage criteria

Track project progress

Get an instant view on project progress and identify projects blockers to quickly remedy

The Vizibl Platform

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