Supplier Relationship Management

Transparency across supplier relationships

Transform how you approach supplier relationships to drive visibility and empower teams.  

Vizibl ensures that strategic objectives and performance are maintained effortlessly, to allow teams to focus on what they do best - building better partnerships with suppliers.

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Revolutionize your
supplier relationship management

Even for determined businesses, supplier relationship management processes are hard to scale across a complex global supply chain, resulting in misalignment, siloed data and work duplication.

Enterprises need a solution to grow key supplier relationships on a strategic level; a global solution that can include the world’s largest companies as well as innovative new start-ups, with consistency in process, data management and reporting. And that solution is not excel.

Whether consolidating supplier performance or running relationship surveys Vizibl gives you a collaborative platform to build value driving supplier partnerships at scale. Vizibl brings all your SRM processes together under one roof for more integrated and productive workflows, whilst consolidating your data to give you greater supplier visibility and better quality reporting. That allows you to concentrate on growing key supplier partnerships.

Some call it SRM 2.0. - we call it Supplier Collaboration & Innovation.

Powerful technology to underpin your SRM

Vizibl gives you a single, centralised home for all your supplier relationship and governance data.

This drives transparency and ownership around how supplier relationships are being run.

  • Cross-organisational collaboration
  • Faster governance and decision-making
  • Clear stakeholder alignment
  • All together in one place

Full transparency across your suppliers

Vizibl gives you a clear view into all the interactions you have with your suppliers not only across governance structures but also on existing projects, initiatives, business reviews and all the other activities you work on together to drive improvement.

Vizibl also captures and tracks any opportunities raised by suppliers that could in turn become fully-fledged value creation projects. 

From reactive
to proactive

By having all your data in real time, it takes minutes, not weeks, to understand what is going on with any given supplier.

This frees up your time to get away from tactical Excel work and really focus with your supplier on the things that will add value to your company.

How Vizibl can help

You already have the supplier relationships
what you are missing is the tech

Underpin your
SRM program
and elevate supplier relationships
to strategic partnerships

Get aligned

Codify a shared vision and define goals and objectives in the platform, to guide every partnership towards the same outcomes

Ensure accountability

Define individual roles and responsibilities for a structured partnership that operates effectively

Secure document storage

Store contracts and key partnership documents in a secure file storage area

Voice of the supplier survey

Send custom surveys to gauge key stakeholder sentiment and request feedback on how the partnership is developing

Manage Proof of Concepts

Manage ideas and POCs in a secure enterprise environment for peace of mind


A fully secure platform for you to collaborate on with your suppliers on value driving projects and initiatives

Innovation governance

Apply consistent governance to every innovation project with joint roadmaps, objectives and success criteria

Build repeatable process

Implement a consistent innovation process with project templates, management processes and project stage criteria

Track project progress

Get an instant view on project progress and identify projects blockers to quickly remedy

The Vizibl Platform

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Learn how Vizibl can help you build strategic supplier relationships at scale

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