October 29, 2021
Written by
Tim Fowler

Why I've joined Vizibl: Tim Fowler

Sales Director Tim Fowler explains why he's joined us here at Team Vizibl.

Picture of sales director Tim fowler and text: Why I joined Vizibl

Over the last 5 years I’ve worked with amazing companies who engage their staff to find new ideas.

I also saw the pressure that can build on their innovation teams – the stress of attempting to turn initial internal ideas into successful projects that deliver true business impact.

It can be a lonely job – the innovation team constantly chasing departmental heads, begging for resources to pick up and develop winning ideas then hunting for feedback on progress.

During this time, I saw the growing opportunity for Procurement organisations to become a pivotal player in their organisation’s innovation strategy.

Inspired procurement organisations can become the ultimate “match makers” – understanding the needs of the business and igniting the relationships with their key suppliers to deliver transformative business improvements.

But this comes with its own challenges, many supplier relationships can be adversarial rather than collaborative – with a historic focus on cost reduction rather than value generation.

In addition, supplier engagements can be fragmented, haphazard and tactical, with different departments and regions creating a legacy of poorly scoped initiatives with suppliers that drifted into irrelevance as leadership changed and focus was lost.

This builds supplier frustration and potentially a lack of commitment next time a new initiative is suggested.

When I met Mark Perera and the team at Vizibl, they described a different approach.

Vizibl’s goal is to transform how companies work together to build truly valuable relationships.

I realised Innovation leaders have a ready-made support network in their key suppliers – they have decades of market insights, thought leadership and R&D that they are keen to share.

Procurement can be the facilitators that bring rigour, visibility and value tracking to foster these successful partnerships.

Vizibl’s Supplier Collaboration and Innovation platform enables large corporates to become more agile, more entrepreneurial and innovative by co-operating with their suppliers – delivering true business value to both the client and the suppliers.

That’s why I’ve joined Vizibl. If you’d like to know more, please download this white paper: Supplier Collaboration & Innovation in 2025

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