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Leading pharma companies realise that current manual ways of engaging with their suppliers are not feasible in the 21st century and represent a massive competitive risk.

Increasing Challenges

The pressure on pharma organisations is bigger now than ever before. Not only to deliver profits, but also to ensure survival in the face of ever more agile and numerous competitors disrupting the sector. 

The cost of R&D has skyrocketed yet fewer NME’s are being approved. Added to this is the pressure to add to top line revenue growth and to demonstrate ever increasing profits and returns for shareholders.

The Opportunity

To survive and grow requires a new way of thinking. Industry leaders in pharma are collaborating with suppliers to unlock huge value in their network, increased innovation and huge value beyond cost. 

In short the rules of the game are shifting dramatically and those pharma companies who embrace supplier collaboration will outperform their peers. 

"The expression “win-win” is often overused. But highly effective collaborations between suppliers and purchasers are just that. The best result in competitive advantage for all players, and drive innovation and growth."

Powerful Technology to Underpin Your SC&I Program...

With Vizibl, you get one technology platform that gives you a view across all of your organisation and the interactions you have with your strategic suppliers around projects, innovation proof of concepts and all activities you may be working on together. Real-time reports and dashboards on digital-process performance enables teams to address problems before they become critical, moving the organisation from a manual reactive stage, to a digitised proactively managed stage and towards world class supplier partnerships. 

Get your pharma SC&I program started quickly

Vizibl gives you an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based platform that underpins your supplier collaboration program. It’s simple to get started; no hardware, no installation, and you never have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Change is happening at speed, contact us to see how Vizibl can solve your supplier collaboration and innovation efforts.

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