July 19, 2022
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Vizibl Customers Win Big at World Procurement Awards 2022

Vizibl clients Astellas Pharma, Heineken, Vodafone and Johnson & Johnson’s Len DeCandia were all honoured at the 2022 World Procurement Awards in London.

Astellas Pharma's procurement team celebrate their win at the World Procurement Awards 2022

Congratulations to all our customers who topped the charts at the recent 2022 World Procurement Awards in London. 

Vizibl clients Astellas Pharma, Heineken, Vodafone and Johnson & Johnson’s Len DeCandia were all honoured in categories including Sustainable Sourcing, Business Partnerships, Supplier Collaboration & Innovation, and a well-deserved Lifetime Achievement award for Len. 

Recognised as the pinnacle of professional achievement, the World Procurement Awards are a unique opportunity for leading procurement teams to showcase their excellence to internal stakeholders, the world’s most influential organisations, and procurement thought leaders.

We’re delighted for our customers, and all the award winners from a fantastic ceremony. We look forward to working with you throughout the remainder of 2022 and beyond!

Read on for more information about each of Vizibl’s customer champions.

Astellas Pharma

Astellas’s procurement function has pivoted from a disparate group of regional teams to a single integrated team of around 100 procurement professionals across 17 countries that play a key strategic role in the pharmaceutical maker’s corporate plan. With a new operating model based on category excellence, stakeholder alignment, strengthened risk management and operational efficiency, as well as a refreshed competency framework and team-focused mindset, the function has exceeded its savings targets while delivering an exceptional experience for stakeholders.

"It's absolutely amazing. We've got a large team of over 100 all across the globe. Many have joined through the pandemic, many of us have not met face to face - but we've managed to pull everyone together, increase the business impact, and really estalibsh ourselves as a high-performing team. We're absolutely thrilled with this award." - Astellas Pharma team

Judges’ feedback:

Astella’s entry was a great example of transforming the function for business alignment and it’s clear the team has a clear and focused mission for sustained engagement and performance. The judges enjoyed the team’s unique approach for stakeholder buy-in and were impressed by the savings they were able to deliver while also developing a new, sustainable product and navigating the pandemic.

Read more here: https://procurementleaders.com/events/world-procurement-awards/winner-gep-procurement-team-large-enterprise-award/


Forging closer and more effective partnerships with colleagues across the business has allowed Heineken’s procurement function to deliver both improved commercial results and more sustainable outcomes from its sourcing activities. Key projects have included efforts to improve marketing spend efficiency and reduce external costs, as well as its Design to Sustainable Value project, which reshaped the company’s product portfolio to make it more sustainable and cost-effective without eroding value to the customer. The projects have positioned procurement as a key contributor to future growth and are on-track to deliver hundreds of millions of euros in savings.

"To win the Business Partnership Award, it's amazing. It's a tribute to all of the procurement teams and the great people that we work with. If there's one thing we've seen over the past several years, it's how important it is for procurement to properly partner with the business. We've heard many examples over the last two days of how procurement can drive companies forward by having a deep connection with your cross-functional partners. So this, to us, means more to us than most other awards, because it's a true testament to what this team has been able to achieve." - Heineken team

Judges' feedback

The judges were impressed by not only the impact of Heineken’s efforts but also the evolution of how procurement is viewed in the organisation and the recognition the function has gained from corporate leadership. As one judge said, “Usually initiatives like these are associated with higher costs but Heineken have clearly demonstrated that this a fallacy while also delivering new, added value to the organisation.

Read more here: https://procurementleaders.com/events/world-procurement-awards/winner-business-partnership-award/


Vodafone’s Tomorrow Street supplier innovation centre, a collaboration with the Luxembourg Government, allows the telecommunications company to gain access to cutting edge innovations from fast-growing scaleups that have the potential to become strategic suppliers. Participants are co-located within the procurement function’s offices and provided support in growing their business and forging closer links with Vodafone. The accelerator has so far onboarded and partnered with eight scaleup partners, delivering tens of millions of euros in deal value and supporting Vodafone’s digital transformation.

“We were super excited to win the Supplier Collaboration and Innovation award. It takes a lot of hard work to drive innovation in a company - it's down to process, it's down to sponsorship, and at the end of the day, it's all down to people.” - Vodafone team

Judges' feedback

This partnership is at the forefront of real innovation and brilliantly nurtures future strategic partners. As one judge said, “This entry showcases a unique way to invest and thrive. Small businesses and start ups are good for the economy and mutually beneficial to all parties involved- love this concept.

Read more here:


Len DeCandia - Johnson & Johnson

Serving as CPO of the global pharmaceutical and consumer health giant Johnson & Johnson since 2016, Len DeCandia has enjoyed an illustrious career in procurement. Known among the community for his thoughtful perspective on change, transformation and the future, he is also a major advocate for responsible business, as a member of J&J’s Enterprise Governance Council and Executive Sponsor of its Alliance for Diverse Abilities employee resource group. 

Len and his team’s recent successes include spearheading an enterprise-wide digital functional transformation and deploying the world’s largest cloud-based procurement technology, which processed more than $50bn in spend to deliver $5.2bn of cost savings in three years. He has also made his mark on the academic world, as founding chair of the Rutgers University Center for Supply Chain Management, and Vice Chair of the Advisory Board at Rutgers Business School.

"When I first heard I was going to be honoured it was very humbling, but from those  initial feelings I was obviously very excited and very honoured. So many people have been part of all of this.  It brought back a lot of memories, and made me feel so good that not only could I make a difference in the companies I've worked for, but a difference with my peers and be recognised for contributing to elevating the value and the contribution of the function."


Congratulations again to all our customers for their wins at the 2022 World Procurement Awards. To continue to support our clients as we move through this decade, Vizibl is proud to announce the launch of Supplier Sustainability Management - a brand new module for the Vizibl platform that allows your company to measure, align, collaborate, and transform your supplier sustainability performance, all in one place.

Supplier Sustainability Management from Vizibl >

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