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No other industry is being disrupted as much or as quickly as the telecom industry. At the same time, there has never been such huge opportunity to expand into while new areas such as IoT, making technology investment crucial to the industry’s ability to keep pace. 

Increasing Challenges

The way people communicate is changing, and so telcos need to reevaluate how they deliver their core services to keep up with these. For example, the phenomenal growth of mobile messaging apps in the last few years has become a serious threat to telco revenue and eroded a large part of the traditional revenue stream of industry incumbents. 

In a dynamic and turbulent time for communications, telcos must consider a new balance to build lasting revenue streams; they must find innovative new solutions whilst still providing users with key services.

The Opportunity

To stay afloat, telcos must adapt. If they invest and develop suitable solutions that simultaneously answer consumer demand and support tech innovation, they will broaden their user base and open themselves up to new sources of revenue. If they fail to adapt, however, they will find themselves threatened by other new, smaller but rapidly growing innovative companies.

In a competitive and dynamic industry that is headed for a big shake up those telco companies who embrace supplier collaboration and drive more innovation from their value chain will outperform their peers and survive. Those who don’t, won’t. 

“Between 2012 and 2018, telecom firms have lost at least $386 billion from customers to OTT VoIP solutions such as Skype & Whatsapp.” - Ovum

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