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Vizibl for FMCG

The traditional FMCG model was simple - drive reliable growth through mass brands. But across the world, the market is facing complex changes. Growing channels of e-commerce, small disruptors, consumer trends and sustainability demands are changing the game for the vast majority of FMCG companies.

Consumers are no longer in search of the cheapest products. They want their needs to be met with quality, a clean environment, good customer service and above all, a price that represents the fair value of these components combined.

At the heart of all this change lies the supplier ecosystem that FMCG companies fully rely on to help them make this transition. And underpinning that you will find Vizibl's software.  

Build stronger relationships with your suppliers

FMCG companies are reliant on their suppliers across every part of the value chain, from go to market to innovative new ideas and products.

Vizibl helps the business to manage strategic suppliers and the joint innovation pipeline to drive better performance & growth. 

Drive sustainability goals

Working with suppliers on sustainability targets is no longer a nice to have. It’s an absolute must.

Vizibl allows you to give suppliers clear transparency into your strategic objectives so that you can work together to ensure you are advancing towards them, all the while being able to track and adjust as you go.

Translate strategy into measurable action with suppliers

At board level there can often be extremely forward-thinking strategic discussions, but this gets lost when it comes down to the transactional levels, due to lack of transparency and accountability.

Vizibl ensures that strategic objectives are visible for all stakeholders both internal and external, and that everything tied to those objectives are visible for all to monitor and see.

Vizibl works for all

Astellas Pharma is engaging key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”
Nick Jenkinson, Senior Director, Procurement, Astellas

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The Vizibl Platform

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