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From business reviews and meetings to KPIs and initiatives, manage all the moving pieces of your suppliers relationships in Vizibl and streamline how you collaborate across your organisations.

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Vizibl works for all

Vizibl for Pharma

With average drug development costs sitting at $2.6bn and returns on R&D as low as 1.8% in the last two years, the old model for innovation in pharma is no longer effective.

A new science era of complex biopharmaceuticals and precision therapies is pushing big firms to look externally for innovation from smaller, more specialised sources, creating highly complex supply chains. For the majority of pharmaceutical companies these supplier relationships are inefficiently run, and their resources and capabilities are under-utilised.

We built Vizibl to solve that.

Standardise and scale

Vizibl gives you a powerful platform to standardise how you work with your suppliers. At the same time it also gives complete flexibility around how you standardise for different cohorts of suppliers and relationships. Vizibl does all the hard work so you can scale your supplier collaboration program exponentially.

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Stronger compliance

With Vizibl you get real-time data visibility that goes beyond audit readiness. Maintain clear and robust governance structures within the platform and maintain visibility and control over critical compliance processes for audits and inspections. 

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Drive efficiency and transparency

Vizibl unifies supplier information, documentation, and processes globally to reduce complexity, increase transparency, and speed up critical decision-making. Allowing to you reduce speed to market and increase innovative opportunities.

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Vizibl works for all

Astellas Pharma is engaging key suppliers to achieve company-wide strategic goals.

“Vizibl is helping Astellas to solve real business problems and drive business value far beyond cost savings.”
Procurement Team, Astellas

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