Vizibl For Telecoms

Embracing the power of networks

Everything you do is built on the future connectivity of your customers. You now need to pay the same attention to connectivity with suppliers for your own future growth.

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Vizibl for Telecoms

No other industry is being disrupted as quickly as the telecom industry. Telco companies are aiming to transform from communications providers to platform companies. With this comes the opportunity to expand into a whole world of new areas and your suppliers will be crucial to your ability to keep pace with consumer demand and competition.

In a dynamic and turbulent time for communications, telcos must consider a new balance to build lasting revenue streams. They must find innovative new solutions whilst still providing users with key services.

The future-facing telco companies that embrace supplier collaboration and drive more innovation from their value chain will outperform their peers and survive. Those who don’t, won’t.

Control your supplier innovation projects and prevent duplication

You are working with your suppliers on thousands of projects across your organisation at any given time. But these all sit in silos and spreadsheets. By consolidating all of this in Vizibl you not only get an instant view on duplicate projects, you also get to see exactly how each is progressing against your goals and timelines.

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Build your connection

You have ambitious targets for the next five years, and you are almost wholly reliant on your suppliers to deliver against those targets. Ensuring your suppliers are aligned to your strategic objectives and being able to measure the pipeline impact against each is going to be crucial in allowing you to move fast and be agile where necessary.

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Drive efficiency and transparency

It is crucial that telecoms organisations bring full transparency into how the supplier process is actually functioning in order to boost efficiency and compliance. It’s imperative to have technology like Vizibl to underpin your supplier interactions and do all the heavy lifting. This frees up people and time to focus on actively moving the needle with suppliers.

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Vizibl works for all

Vodafone is aligning key suppliers worldwide around their strategic objectives

"Vizibl gives us a centrally managed platform that helps provide the structure and reporting tools needed for key proof of concepts and supplier innovation projects to flourish." - Ninian Wilson, CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

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The Vizibl Platform

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